Rene Vandenbrink | Visual Artist

René Vandenbrink is a London based artist working primarily with textiles and printmaking. Her process based work explores collecting, interactions with nature, surface design and forms of assemblage as tools for breathing new life into discarded/obsolete objects and underrepresented modes of making/traditions that typically involve the handmade, recycling and supporting sustainably made materials. These processes help repair oneself from the trauma, confines and expectations of the world we share.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors Specialization in Studio Art from the University of Western Ontario and an Art Studies Certificate in Vocational Art from BealArt. Her work has been exhibited at Artlab Gallery, Forest City Gallery and The Westland Gallery in London, Ontario, at Graven Feather, the Japanese Paper Place, and OCADU's Graduate Gallery in Toronto, Ontario as well as Art Mûr and the Centre for Feminist Pedagogy at Centre des arts actuels Skol in Montreal, Québec.